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Extrusion Cutting & Routing Machine

The repetitive cutting/ drilling of aluminium extrusions can be a very labour & time consuming process particularly where accuracy is critical. This was our own experience in the manufacturing of our CNC Routing machines which led us to developing the Extrusion Pro range of machines. With simple computer controlled programming it’s easy to train all of your staff to run jobs on the Extrusion Pro. With table lengths to over 18 metres and widths to suit your unique application. We have the ability to fit multiple tool heads to allow maximum flexibility for Saws, Drills Taps & Routers. The foundation of all Robot Systems machines are the superior quality, Australian engineered, steel gantries. The strength and rigidity of the machine means you can ensure the highest level of accuracy and surface finish with every job.

Operator intuitive software

Our unique operating system was developed with the user in mind. The simplified touch controls will help you push your imagination and capabilities to the next level.

  • Control and monitoring of your machine can be accessed remotely
  • Customise interface and program shortcuts
  • On-demand tech support and frequent firmware updates
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