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Large/Custom Machines

Robot Systems Australia has enjoyed over 30 years of “white label”  OEM manufacturing for some of the biggest names in CNC Routing in Australia. Our precise systems & processes mean we can produce machines to the highest quality standards. We are always striving to help our clients stay at the cutting edge of the industry and offer machines that are competitive with the best in the world.

OEM Manufacturing

Each industry type comes with its own set of unique requirements for their CNC machine and although there are a lot of good “standard” machines in the market, Robot Systems love the challenge of working with their clients to manufacture some of the most versatile, unique machines.  Size is often the limiting factor for most machines but with process areas up to 18+ metres long, there’s no job too big for a Robot Systems custom router.

Operator intuitive software

Our unique operating system was developed with the user in mind. The simplified touch controls will help you push your imagination and capabilities to the next level.

  • Control and monitoring of your machine can be accessed remotely
  • Customise interface and program shortcuts
  • On-demand tech support and frequent firmware updates
Technical ParametersSpecifications
LengthsUp to 18+ metres
WidthsUp to 3+ metres
Gantry Height150mm standard for maximum rigidity (300mm max)
SpindleAuto tool change to 9kw
FrameQuality Australian RHS steel
RailsBest German linear rails
HeadsUp to 4 independent heads
Vacuum AssistVacuum table with unlimited custom zones
Control UnitWireless tablet control
Console21” screen for job viewing and editing
Table TopAluminium T-slot
Optional Accessories
  • Auto material loading/unloading
  • Saw heads
  • Multi drill heads
  • 90° aggregate heads
  • True depth air assisted floating head
  • Pop-up locating pins
  • Oscillating knife
  • Print to cut camera alignment system
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