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CO2 Laser Cutters

If you are looking for a high power output, locally built,  CO2 Laser Cutter for your business then Robot Systems Australia should be your first choice. Having manufactured our first Laser Cutter over 30 years ago (still in operation today) we know what it takes to build a Laser that can stand the test of time. With outputs ranging from 350W upwards our machines are best suited for cutting Plastics, Metals, Timber and more. As we custom make each machine from the frame up, we can also size the machine to suit your business requirements.   

2400 x 1500mm is our most common usable working  area, but we are able to custom make sizes both smaller and larger than this depending on your business needs.

At the heart of all of our machines are top quality Luxinar lasers which provide unparalleled  reliability, accuracy & pure power. With power ranging from 350-650 Watts there’s no job too large for your Robot Systems Australia Laser Cutter. A wireless hand control unit allows maximum flexibility when operating the machine. Contact us today to learn more.

Operator intuitive software

Our unique operating system was developed with the user in mind. The simplified touch controls will help you push your imagination and capabilities to the next level.

  • Control and monitoring of your machine can be accessed remotely
  • Customise interface and program shortcuts
  • On-demand tech support and frequent firmware updates
Technical ParametersSpecifications
Working Area2400 x 1500mm (typical size)
Machine Footprint4700 x 2500mm
TransmissionHigh quality, low backlash servo reducer G/Box
Laser Power350W+
Laser TypeLuxinar SC x35/45/65
Cooling TypeWater
Positioning Accuracy0.1mm
Max. Cutting Thickness40mm
Max. Cutting Speed32M/min
Controlling SoftwareAxis Motion Profiler X
File Formats.DXF, .NC
Compatible SoftwareAutoCAD, Solidworks, Enroute etc.
Power Supply

2x 32A 3-phase

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